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11/19(日) 上課

題目: Date in the Amusement Park



It was the 135th date of David and Christy. This time, they went to a famous amusement park in Taoyuan. First, they took a ride on the *1 carousel. Everything was fine then, except that Christy was a little bored. Later on, Christy wanted to go to ride the *2 roller coaster. However, *3 David was a timid man, he was afraid of riding the roller coaster. But *4 to show that he would do anything for Christy, he still got on the carriage/ train. On the ride, Christy was/kept yelling with her arms raising in the air. She enjoyed the thrill of the ride a lot. On the other hand, David was so uncomfortable ill that he could hardly put up with/ fed up with his girlfriend’s noise, so he shouted and blamed her (after riding). That was their last date forever.

(123 words)

*1 carousel 旋轉木馬,or you can say “Merry-go-round"(歡樂轉不停)
*2  roller coaster 雲霄飛車,roller是翻滾,coaster是滑坡用的雪橇;roller-coaster是形容詞,指「起伏不定」 ● be on the emotional roller coaster.
*3 缺連接詞,可用"so…that"句型,so timid that he was afraid of riding
*4 masculine 男子氣概,可說: to show his masculine


故事的結尾有點太匆促,其實若遇到有 ? 的四格漫畫,決勝點是在?,若有創意、有趣、與前段相呼應,評價就會高,所以建議結尾可以再多個2~3句,交代Christy的反應。

上課複習: (範圍Ivy unit4 + 動詞三態)

  1. 參加婚禮遲到是不得體的 (hint: proper)
  2. 顯然他缺乏適當的運動
  3. 這些難民為了生存移入歐洲 (hint: refugee, existence, move in)
  4. 紅十字會已經文在超過130年 (hint: Red Cross)
  5. 他上了哈佛大學 (hint: admit)
  6. 朴槿惠(Park Geun-hye)承認分享國家機密檔案給她的閨密(hint: admit, close friend, national classified documents)
  7. 川普當選影響台灣的經濟(hint: Trump’s victory in the presidential election, affect)
  8. 川普效應對留學產業產生衝擊 (hint: effect, impact, study abroad industry)

Forbid – __________- _____________



Hang -_______________-______________ (掛上)




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