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上課時間: 11/13(日)

題目: My Ideal President

at least 110 words.


補充: personality vocabulary

honest 誠實的
open 開放的       e.g. The leader is open to suggestions. (這位領導者開放接受建議)
liberal 開明的
decisive 果斷的(會迅速做決策,不拖泥帶水)
forward-thinking 有前瞻性的 (會思考未來)
have a vision 有遠見 (類似forward-thinking)
passionate 有熱誠的
have a sense of responsibility 有責任感
sympathetic 有同情心的
generous 慷慨的
ambitious 有野心的
adventurous 愛冒險的
keep learning 持續學習
bold 大膽的
polite 有禮貌
humble 謙虛的
reliable 值得依靠的
creative 有創意的
patient 有耐心的


This year, 2016, Tsai Ing-Wen was elected as the 14th president in Taiwan. Today, Donald Trump is elected as the 45th U.S.A president. The outcome of elections can’t satisfy everyone, but I have my ideal president who I look forward to showing up one day in the future.  (補上去讓第一段與第二段ideal president的連接性更強)

I think a good president should be honest. They He or s she should not be corrupt. A president who has a vision and a sense of responsibility can lead the country to become better/a prosperous future(to後面可以接動詞或名詞). They He or she should  also be polite and humble, because a leader who always criticizes other people  will not be popular*. What’s more, a president should create more welfare for the people; it is an important duty of a reliable president.

I can vote when I grow up to /am/ turn 20 years old (或說at age 20).  I will vote for a president candidate who is honest, decisive, forward-thinking , polite, humble and reliable.These are the peculiarities (*character traits人格特質) of a good leader.

(122 words)


這次的作文寫的不錯! 許多補充的單字都有用上,結構上也很乾淨、清楚。要注意主詞的單複數一致性,a president的代名詞就要用到he or she。


* the right to vote (n.)投票權 = suffrage (n.) 投票權

* ballot (n.) 選票

* presidential election 總統大選

* term (n.) 任期
e.g. The term of U.S. president is 4 years. The most a president can serve is two terms.

*candidate (n.) 候選人


支持: vote for、vote in favor of、 stand for/with、support

反對: vote against、stand against

(參考來源:http://election.scholastic.com/election-central/vocabulary/ )




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