[Iris]11/8 An embarrassing experience

Iris' writing

11/8 (二)上課
題目:An Embarrassing Experience



Howard and Mickey are good friend, and they both one of their school swimming team’s team players. One day, Howard phoned to Mickey.
“Hey! Do you want to swim with me tomorrow?"

“Oh! Sure!" Mickey said. “But my swim brief trunk is too small for me, I need to buy a new one."

So Mickey went to  TOTORO SHOP. He said,"Hey, sir! I want to buy a swim trunk!"
“Sure! (What’s your size?) and Which color does you like, the blue one or the black one? "
“Well… Please give me the blue one. The size is M." Mickey told the shopkeeper hesitantly because this was his first time to buy clothes on his own.
Here you are!" “Thanks!" Mickey took the swim trunk, going  home happily. "

The next day, Mickey and Howard said “Let’s play a game! Guess what I am thinking about. If you’re right, you can pull down my pant; if not, I can pull down your pant!"

“OK! Then I guess you are thinking about—Monkey!" said Mickey.

Howard laughed. “I am thinking about BANANAs!" So he pulled down Mickey’s pant. Mickey felt bad/embarrassed, and he quickly went home.



好書推薦: 不可思議的吃書男孩

男孩最喜歡吃的書是什麼? the blue ones or the red ones?
你覺得 from now and then是甚麼意思?



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