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This is how to make a pot of delicious curry.

♣ Ingredients:
You need carrots, potatoes, chicken, curry, a pan and a pot. Follow the steps below to make a delicious curry!


  1. First,( peel and dice the carrots and potatoes). Stir-fry them all until they are cooked/ softened.
  2. Next, stir-fry the carrots and potatoes, and add chicken/ put chicken. (raw chicken? or cooked chicken?)
  3. Then add some water and put some curry (powder or sauce) in the pot.
  4. Put a lid on it and simmer the sauce( for 40 minutes).
  5. Remove it from the heat. When it gets colder, your curry is done. (is finished是吃光喔!) 

♣ Suggested way of eating: (建議吃法)
You can eat it with rice or noodles, and both way of eating tastes really good!

♣ comments from Chief Mickey:
Although fragrant pine with rice(松子飯?) is also very yummy, I like my mom’s handmade curry better!


  • serve curry with rice 把咖哩盛在飯上
  • pour curry over the white rice.把咖哩淋到白米飯上
  • The recipe makes enough for ___ people. 這個食譜是__人份
  • Your preference is king here.你可以 依你所好調整
  • 咖哩塊的說法有很多:  solid curry roux、solid block of curry roux、curry roux cubes,簡單來說可講 curry sauce
  • 咖哩的濃稠度: thickness


(A Traditional Japanese Curry sauce mix)




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