[Iris]1101 A basketball game

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Howard is a basketball player, and he always gets good achivement when he is playing basketball(have good performance whenever he plays a game.).

  • take a shot: 試圖(投籃)得分
  • shot the ball 投籃
  • slam duck 灌籃
  • lead his team to victory 帶隊取得勝利

One day, Howard had a basketball game in his school, and of course, everyone thought the Monkey team(Howard‘s team) would win. Mickey is another team’s leader, so he made a little plan.  “I can… so Howard can’t finish the game!" Mickey told his teammates before the game started.

The game began! Howard ran and jumped. Once the game started,  Monkey team  got ten points in a short time(led 10-0,以10比0領先). But suddenly, Mickey yelled, “BANANA!!!" Howard stopped still and quickly turned to look for bananas because he loves bananas.

Then(In a sudden), a ball bumped into his head. “Howard!" his coach ran to him. He sent Howard, who had been dizzy, to the health center. Mickey saw that and got so happy, because his team finally won!  (too evil…)

(127 words)


achievement (n.), achieve(v.)
e.g. achieve a goal達成目標

health center保健中心

be sent to hospital 被送往醫院


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