[Iris]10/25 The worst date

Iris' writing





Sanny is an elementary school teacher, and she has a good friend named Irisy. They always line to each other Saturday, it let them feel not alone. One day, when Sanny was sitting infront of the computer, she saw the message from Irisy:

I’m going to get married today! Will you like to come?

Sure! Where and when?

At 6 p.m., in the Totoro Restaurant!

“Then I have to prepare now!" Sanny thought.

She chose a pretty blue dress, and made her hair neatly, then she went out.

(其他: makeup化妝, dress up打扮著衣, go to the hair saloon去美髮店)

“Whoooshh-(Vroom)" A speeding car passed by , splashing the water and Sanny was full of water. “Oh my god! I can’t go to the wedding ceremony in this way" So she went back home and changed another dress. “Oh! I think I’ll need a raincoat!" So Sanny put on her raincoat, and she was glad that she didn’t get wet when she arrived Totoro Restaurant.

(145 words)

評論: 劇情有創意,但後面好像未完結。

  • the car splashed the puddle(水坑) on the ground
  • be wet from head to toe
  • be soaking wet
  • be like a drowned rat
  • be drenched

Katie Holmes cools off on the set of "Mania Days" **USA, Australia ONLY**

smash(v.) 砸碎、撞擊
e.g. Several cups fell to the floor and smashed to pieces.





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