[Mickey]10/23 A letter

Mickey's Writing


Your Scottish penfriend has written to you for advice.

Dear Mickey,

How have you been? I’m not good because I have to make a hard decision. Next month, I’m moving with my family to a different area. I have to choose between going to a small school in the countryside or a large school in the center of town. What should I do?


Now write a letter to your penfriend, giving your advice.


Hi Eason,

I‘ve been fine these days. (I understand how you feel.)Because of my dad’s work, our family moved to 4 different areas(cities) when I was a little child.  Moving to another place which you don’t know is really disappointing.

(About your question,)I think the large school in town is better than the school in the countryside. There are many stores, public transits and more career opportunities. Next(Besides), you can learn more in the town. In town, there are many cram schools, and you can solve the (academic) problems on the internet, too. Finally, a large school employs better teachers, and the equipment in school is better, too. You can have sufficient(足夠的) learning resources.

All in all, studying in a large school in town helps you learn more and easier. Whichever choice you make, I wish you to have new friends at your new school soon!

Good luck,

(113 words)


文章的架構蠻清楚的,也有提到許多large school的好處,格式也有符合書信體,而且因為你有類似經驗,你能以過來人的經驗給意見,讓文章增加說服力。

文章比較不足的是,給意見時最好正反兩面都要提到,所以可以想想,大學校的壞處有什麼? 偏鄉學校的好處有甚麼? 除了從學校內部、城市或鄉村的資源想,也可以提到同儕(peer)的差別。


employ(v.)  雇用(似hire)、運用

e.g. The factory employs over 2000 people.
e.g. Sandy is employed as a salesman.
e.g. The company is accused of employing questionable methods to get the contract(合約).




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