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題目: Getting a haircut



Sandy is a beautiful girl in her class, she also gets good grades on her test, so a lot of boys love her very much. One day, Sandy was going to have dinner with her classmate– Howard. So, she decided to get a haircut first.(why?? because she wants to attract Howard? Or because her hair was too long and untidy?)

“Hello! What do you want to cut like(How would you like your hair cut today?)?" The man(stylist/ hair dresser髮型師) asked.

“Mmm…I want to have a haircut like the celebrity, Iris." Sandy answered with excitement.

A few minutes later, the man said “It’s done. Are you happy about your new style?" Sandy looked at the mirror, and began to cry, because the hair was short and curly and UGLY!!! “This isn’t Iris’ hairstyle."shouted Sandy.

“But you said Eris!" “No! I…I…" Sandy was so angry and sad, So she quickly ran home.


美髮店: barbershop(men);  hair salon(women) ; beauty shop(全身)

stylist, colorist, hairdresser




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