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Tommy和Ronald兩人約好要去游泳,Tommy特定買了新泳褲,但在游泳時Tommy發生了糗事…他的泳褲掉了! 到底是怎麼一回事呢? 請發揮你的creativity及humor,寫出這則故事,至少130字。




Tommy and Ronald are good friends in school. They (made a plan)promised to go swimming last Saturday. Tommy went to the sporting goods store to buy a new swim trunk because his (old one) was too small.

On that day, Tommy and Ronald went to the swimming pool together. Tommy swam happily in the pool because that day it was really hot that day. He even had competition with Ronald to see /compare who swam faster. When Tommy swam to the middle of the pool, his swim trunk loosened and dropped off because it was too big, but he didn’t notice that until he finished the competition. He won the game but he felt embarrassed for dropping his swimming pant. He quickly put it on.

Although it was quite embarrassed, Tommy had a great day. He agreed to go swimming come along with Ronald next week! Swimming is a really fun activity.
其他結尾: But before that, Tommy should buy another swim truck that suits him.


  1. 內容不錯,這次問題比較是出在單字的用法,像是promise、compare、drop,這些字你懂意思,但用法與中文意思不同。
  2. 結尾Swimming is a really fun activity.和故事連結性不是那麼強,有點像是寫完"my favorite sports"的結尾。






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