[Howard]10/15 猴子漫畫

Howard's Writing



Sandy and Howard are monkeys who usually don’t wear clothes. It was Sandy’s 3 years old birthday. In the law of Monkey kingdom, monkeys under three years old couldn’t eat bananas because their teeth weren’t strong enough. They could only drink banana juice. Since it was the day that Sandy could start to eat bananas, her boyfriend, Howard decided to give her a banana as her birthday gift.

On that day, Sandy happily took her gift home because she loved Howard, too. But when she opened it, there was a rotting banana. However, Howard explained that is was because he though Sandy couldn’t bite hard things yet(had difficulty chewing), and a rotting banana was easier to chew(easy-to-chew). After hearing this, Sandy felt so sorry that she blamed Howard, and decided to be his girlfriend forever.

(133 words)

rotten:  corrupted, decayed, spoiled 腐敗的




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