[Iris]10/11 the Birthday gift

Iris' writing



(credit: Iris Huang)


Every monkey loves bananas, and they always eat ten bananas each day. In DQ elementary school, the monkey students should earn bananas on their own by getting good grades.

 One day, Howard got 59.9 on the test, so the teacher said,"Howard! You didn’t pass the test! You only can it get two bananas for lunch." Howard was so so so so/ really sad! But his classmates– Sandy, came to him and said “You must be hungry! Here‘s are some bananas for you!" So, Howard fell for Sandy and loved her very much.

When Sandy’s birthday was almost there, Howard prepared a big gift for her. He was  always thinking how happy she will would be. On Sandy’s birthday, Howard said"Happy Birthday!"to her in the school, and gave the gift to Sandy. “Oh! Thank you!" Sandy said happily. She also loved Howard. When Sandy opened the gift with surprise, she saw a broken(rotten爛掉的) banana. She quickly messaged Howard by LINE,

“You are so bad! How you dare give me a rotten banana!"

“Oh! Sorry! I prepared the gift the days ago. Maybe it was a little.(??).. I’ll give you another one tomorrow!"

“Oh! Thank you"


(153 words)


  1. 時態用過去式,因為是講虛構故事
  2. 過去式的動詞變化要注意
  3. 名詞複數加s,要記得!
  4. 故事蠻有趣的,但細節還有背景都可以交代得更仔細。

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