[Mickey]10/09 basketball accident

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10/09(日) 晚上8:00上課



♠圖一  Daniel是個籃球校隊球員,射三分球(three-point shot)對他來說輕而易舉。

♠圖二  有一次(情況背景請自己想像)在球場上,他沒接好隊有的傳球(想想看為什麼他會沒接好? 分心? 感冒?  ),球不長眼的砸到他的臉頰。

♠圖三  教練攙扶(carry)被打昏(dizzy)的Daniel到保健中心(health center)

**攙扶: carry 例句: First aid officers carried the injured to hospital after the attack in Gaziantep.

♠圖四  自行發揮

Daniel is a player in Hhis school‘s basketball team. A three-point shot seems very really easy(/a piece of cake) to him. He is the strongest player in his team.
One day, the school team was playing a game on the court. When another player(his teammate) tried to  gavegive(passed Daniel the ball,  he missed it because he had been sick. (think about why he had been sick?)
Bang! The ball straightly hit in his cheek,and he was unconscious(/ he fainted) immediately. Everyone on the court was shocked  by this scene. Their coach quickly carried Daniel, who had been was dizzy, to the school nurse room(health center). The player who accidentally threw the ball in him felt  sorry for him. Fortunately, he recovered the next day.
If Daniel can’t play in his teamhis team will probably lose in every games. He is a very important player. 
(117 words)


1. 整篇採用過去式比較好,因為是說故事,Daniel為虛構人物。若用現在式,會有種Daniel是你認識的人,而且他現在就在你們學校校隊打籃球。
2. 時態還是要注意,尤其第二段你用過去式變化,有些仍沒用ed
3. If子句是兩句聯合在一起,If是連接詞!!

上課用:被動語態練習講義 (可以不用列印,用電腦看,答案寫在notebook)

passive_practice (開啟後選「檢視」>「旋轉」)



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