[Howard]10/01 What makes you happy?

Howard's Writing

10/1/ 2016上課

題目:What makes you happy?

I really enjoy reading the comics my sister draws. She often draws interesting comics for me. *The comics are about(have) different topics. But most of the characters are monkeys. That’s because monkeys are my favorite animals. Her comics are interesting, sometimes funny, but most importantly, they are cute. They often make my family laugh. We also show the comics/ my sister’s comics to our friends sometimes. *The comics are often about our lives. She draws the things that happen to my family in a comic way. So I feel really happy when I read her comics. I hope she can keep drawing them to make me and the family laugh./ to entertain/to amuse me and my family.


*comics a comic strips

*Comics differ in subjects

*可以移到the comics have different topics.後面,因為都是講漫畫的內容

She draws what happened in my family in a comic way.

*see 是有意無意的注意到某事物



這篇用到很多comics, happy,試著想如何換字,或換句話說。



形容妹妹的漫畫可以用:Humorous, entertaining, ridiculous, creative, original , amusing




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