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題目:FCE P.180作文

In your English class you have been talking about how to be fit and healthy. Now your English has asked you to write an essay.

Write an essay (140-190 words) using all the notes and give reasons for your point of view.

what is the best way to stay fit and healthy?


Write about:

  1. eating a healthy diet
  2. making time to relax
  3. _________________(your own idea)


More  and more people have cared about their health these years. They think it’s important to keep a healthy body *so that their lives can be more comfortable. There are several easy ways to stay fit and healthy.

First of all, eating a healthy diet is important for everyone, not just (for) the people whose weight is too heavy. (Eating) more vegetables and fruit,  less oil , salt and sugar can not only keep you from being fat, but also reduce the chance of being ill.

Another easy but important thing is to make sure you have enough relaxing time. Taking a break between classes or take a small nap at noon can make your brain clearer.  Also, spending more time to have fun with family and friends can make  you happier, which is definitely needed(→ necessary) for your healthy body.

Last but not least, do more exercise. Exercise can keep your weight, and it’s also good for your bones and muscles. *By doing these following suggests, it’ll be easy for you to be a healthy person.

(171 words)


*so 與 so that的差別? → 有時so 與 so that都是代表所以的意思,就可以互換,例如I ate three pieces of pizza in teatime so that/ so I can’t eat anymore now,或是例如: I want to keep fit so that/ so I can fit in the gorgeous wedding dress. 注意 so that後面接完整句子,通常會出現will, can, may等助動詞。

*"the people whose weight is too heavy" 其實指的就是people who are overweight, heavyweight是重量級人物(超級巨星、或拳擊比賽的重量級選手),heavy weights也有重物的意思。太重: too much weight/  whose weight is too much/ weigh a ton= very heavy

*by following these tips/ suggestions/ advice mentioned above, it’ll be….


  1. 要分段阿 孩子。你可能覺得你提出的idea可以一氣呵成的說完,但對讀者(不了解你的論點)來說,不分段會讓他看得霧煞煞,改卷的老師也是一樣,可能誤會你沒有組織性。
  2. 以上的分段是一種方式,你也可以將前言一段、idea併成一段、最後結尾一段,但注意結尾的量會變得比較少,就要多加幾句話擴充。
  3. 文章的質不錯,小心有些字的詞性有誤,整體而言有達水準。



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