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圖一 Simon想幫好友Cindy慶生,召集了三五好友要給他一個驚喜。

圖二 暗暗的教室裡,大家早已預備好,Cindy一打開門,大家就開始唱生日快樂歌

圖三 Simon興高采烈端著蛋糕要給Cindy,但因為教室太暗,他沒注意到地板上的籃球,摔了一跤

圖四 自由發揮

at least 130 words

Simon wanted to celebrate his friend, Cindy’s birthday, so he convened a  few classmates to give Cindy a surprise. On Cindy’s birthday, Simon and his classmates were ready in the dark classroom. When Cindy opened the door, everyone began to sing “Happy Birthday" to her. Simon held a cake on his hand and walked to Linda. However, because the room is too dark, he stood on a basketball and fell down. The cake with candles burning (on it) flew right onto(into) Cindy’s face. Luckily, Cindy was a girl who joint the school swimming team. With her excellent reaction force, she wasn’t hit by the cake. They quickly stopped the fire by the water (for the party). They were all safe in the end, but the party became a mess.

(130 words)


how did the fire come? 

by the water for the party? 為了party準備的水? 

文章結構清楚,可交代四格漫畫內的故事。須注意情節的交代細節不是很清楚,例如火從哪裡來?為什麼他們要救火,你可能寫救火前須鋪成the fire of the candles burned the test paper nearby and it burst in flames. Everyone was shocked and feared other classmates coming to school would report teachers. Cindy used her water to put out a fire in time.讓文章更完整


convene(v.)/ to meet/ to assemble/ to unite 集合眾人(為了共同目的)

joint(n.)連結點  vs. join(joined x2)

reflex (plural: reflexes)反應力(n.) e.g. a boxer with good reflexes

for the sake of security 基於安全理由

light a candle , flickering flames, extinguish撲滅/止息

messy是形容詞, in a mess 一團混亂




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