[Iris] 0920四格漫畫

Iris' writing




圖一 Simon想幫好友Cindy慶生,召集了三五好友要給他一個驚喜。

圖二 暗暗的教室裡,大家早已預備好,Cindy一打開門,大家就開始唱生日快樂歌

圖三 Simon興高采烈端著蛋糕要給Cindy,但因為教室太暗,他沒注意到地板上的籃球,摔了一跤

圖四 自由發揮

at least 130 words


Today is September 17th, and it’s almost Sandy’s birthday. Howard is one of Sandy’s fans, because Sandy is very good at basketball. So, he dicided to give Sandy a BIG surprise. First, he went to “Sandy’s fans club", all of the Sand’s fans will be there every Tuesday afternoon, and of course, Howard is one of them.

“Hey, Guys! I ‘m here! I have a great idea about Sandy’s birthday!"

“Oh! What?"


“Oh! It’s a good idea!"

“Let’s go to prepear for it!"

So, Sandy’s fans went home very excited. Next day, when Sandy happily open the door, she hear the birthday song.

“Wow! Thank you! You guys are sweet!" She says happily.

All the fans are also happy. Then Howard walk very excitedly with the cake to Sandy, but the classroom is too dark, Howard fall down and the cake are on the floor. 

“Oh! Sorry. I … I’ll buy you another cake!"

“I don’t want any cake!"cried Sandy. “I want basket ball! You broke it! It’s very expensive!"

Then, she ran away. So the club decide that everyone give some money to buy a whole new basketball, and Sandy is Happy again!







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