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You have received this email from your English friend Joe.

From: Joe

Subject: your climate

Hi, can you help me with something? We’re doing a project at college about the climate in different countries.  Please could you write and tell me about the climate in your country? Is the weather very different at different times of year? What do you like and dislike about it?

Thanks a lot.



Hi Joe,

I live in Taiwan, it is a small island in Asia, which is about 36197 km2. The climate of Taiwan ranges from the tropical zone and subtropical zone.

In Taiwan, our annual average temperature is about 22 degree, and annual average precipitation is about 2502 mm. The weather is very different at the four season. Spring and fall is in the comfortable temperature with winds. Summer is really hot and humid in Taiwan, and there often have typhoons and thunderstorms. Winter is mild and often foggy in the mountains due to the northeasterly winds from Siberia.

Taiwan is a really special place with wonderful views. If you like to come here, care for the typhoons!


♥ I live in Taiwan, it is a small island in Asia, which is about 36197 km2.

普通版: I live in Taiwan. It is a small island in Asia and it’s about 36,000 km2.

進階版: I live in Taiwan, a small island in Asia, which is about 36,000 km2.

♥  22 degrees Celsius

♥ Spring and fall are at comfortable temperatures with winds/gentle breeze.

♥ there are often typhoons and (afternoon) thunderstorms. due to the northeastern

♥ (monsoon季風)winds from Siberia.

♥  If you would like to come here, be careful with the typhoons!


  1. 注意是書信,最後要署名
  2. 有些數據前已經加上about了,只要寫出概數就好,例如36197→36000
  3.  Joe來信是因為school project作業,而不是要來玩,結尾處可以祝他project順利(Good luck with your project)或是if you want to know more, let me know. 表示你願意幫助他。

單字補充/ ideas for your essays:

◊ climate (n.) 氣候

◊ wet, humid, warm, hot

◊ tropical zone 熱帶區    subtropical zone 亞熱帶區  

→The climate of Taiwan ranges from the tropical zone and subtropical zone

◊ the Tropic of Cancer 北回歸線 –> 「通過」北回歸線的動詞用cross這個字

◊ earthquake, typhoon (動詞可用strike)

e.g. The Weather Bureau said typhoon Meranti will strike Taiwan on Tuesday. (氣象局說莫蘭蒂星期二會襲台)

◊ annual average temperature 平均年均溫 (大約22度)

◊ annual average precipitation 平均年雨量(2,502 mm)

◊ had better bring an umbrella 

◊ extra links: 

台灣水利署 http://eng.wra.gov.tw/ct.asp?xItem=48142&CtNode=7674

中國焦點_台灣氣候 http://www.chinahighlights.com/taiwan/weather.htm




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