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You have received this email from your English friend Joe.

From: Joe

Subject: your climate

Hi, can you help me with something? We’re doing a project at college about the climate in different countries.  Please could you write and tell me about the climate in your country? Is the weather very different at different times of year? What do you like and dislike about it?

Thanks a lot.



Hi Joe,

Speak of the climate in Taiwan, I have to tell you the exctual place of it. Taiwan is a small island country on west Pacific ocean, and it’s passed by the tropic of Cancer,so Taiwan isn’t dry at all. In fact, it rains about 2,500 mm in Taiwan every year. That’s because Taiwan is surrounded by ocean, so the monsoons bring a lot of rain, especially in summer. So, there are several typhoons that come to Taiwan each summer, so Taiwan is extaully very wet. Since Taiwan is passed by the tropic of Cancer, it’s pretty warm in the whole year. In conclusion, Taiwan is an island country with nice climate. Good luck with your project!

Your best friend,  Howard

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