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The Lonely Man

Long long time ago, there was a man named Howard. He is a carpenter with magic. Anything he made would be alive. He lived in an old, red house by himself. Every day he needed to fix his little house because it’s too so old that it will got broken every day. He always thinkthought, “How can I don’t not be so tired every day?" But he could not find an answers.

“Oh! I have a good idea! I can make some people to help me!" One day, when Howard was fixing the roof of the house, he came up with this idea. But he was too excited that he fell down from the top of the house. Howard didn’t mind his hurt,thinking that “Mmm…first I want to make a wife, so she can make some more children for me, then I’ll not be tired anymore!" So he spent 24 hours to make his wife- Sandy.

But Sandy said “I don’t know how to make children like you!" So Howard made the children himself. He made a boy (who was) called Mickey, and girl named Iris. Oh! He also made two dogs, Dog and Doggy.

Now,with the help of his family, Howard can just fix his house twice a week , and he’s really happy!




  • carpenter (n. ) 木匠、木工
  • puppet (n.) 小木偶
  • fix, repair (v. ) 修理. e.g. He’s outside fixing the brakes on the car.
  • fix (約等同solve) 解決 e.g. The young boy fixed the difficult math problem with ease. (男孩輕鬆解決這道困難的數學問題)
  • fixed(adj.) 固定的 e.g. The classes begin and end at fixed times. (上下課時間是固定的)
  • 東西被修如何說?  be/get fixed, repaired 用被動式 e.g. My car was fixed in a short time.
  • everyday vs. every day (講了一百萬遍還是錯> <)

句型: so…that / such…that…(非常…以至於…) vs. too…to..(太…以至於不能…)

e.g. He was so lonely that he cried almost every day. 他太寂寞,所以幾乎每天都掉淚

e.g He was such a lonely man that he cried almost every day. 他是位非常寂寞的人,所以幾乎每天掉淚

e.g. He was too lonely to be happy every day.  他太過寂寞,所以每天都無法開心

The adventure of Pinocchio




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