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Pokemon Go has been a big hit around the world.

Do you know this game? Please introduce it briefly in the first paragraph.

Then, what reasons do you think it can attract millions of gamers in a short time ?

Will you want to try it because of these reasons?


Nowadays, many people all around the world love to play the new AR smartphone game—Pokemon Go. It is a free-to-play game that you should go outside to find Pokemons. There are also PokeStops and Gyms that can give you some tools and the place where different pokemons fight.

I think that the reasons why it has attracted millions of gamers in a short time is that this game contains the cartoon characters. Another reason is that Pokemon Go combines AR and GPS, so it can tell you where the pokemons are. According to a medical survey, it can help people who have depression or autism make friends by the game.

Although it seems to be a really fun game, this game also has some problems on the environment and traffic problem. I don’t think I will try it because of my school homework !

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