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FCE 題目:

Write 140-190 words in an appropriate style.

A report about sports facilities

Your local tourist office has asked you to write a report on the sports facilities in your area to give out to English-speaking visitors.


In Taipei, it is very convenient to exercise. There are some parks every few blocks, which can provide us a small but comfortable place to do simple exercise like jogging and jumping rope.

Also, the schools in Taipei are open on weekends for those who want a bigger area to do sports. There are sports fields and basketball courts in most school. School is a great choice for sports.

In every district in Taipei, there is a sports center. People can enjoy the facilities inside with little pay/ at low cost. There are many facilities, such as swimming pools, basketball courts, badminton courts and table tennis courts. It provides room for the sports that need large space.

Nowadays, people take their health more and more seriously, and exercising is an important part of keeping healthy. To me, it’s wonderful to live in a city with convenient sports facilities like Taipei.

(149 words)


Taipei Arena (不是little Egg!!)

Taipei dome 大巨蛋

Domed stadium 巨蛋體育館

Domed(adj.) 有穹頂、半球型的




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