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During the five years in the elementary school, I have made a lot of friends, but I have three best friends, Janna, Melody and Cathy. We are in same class for two years, and in the other four years we are separated to two different classes. Although we’re not together every time, we’re still best friends.

First, we go to bathroom together. We usually  squeeze in the same bathroom, no matter how big  it is(the room is). It’ s also a great time for us to talk and chat with others. We always enjoy the time a lot! Then, we also do the science project for the annual science fair together. We have been  in the same group for three years, and we’re also great teammates. But sometimes even we work hard,  at last it is s just a mess Last, of course, we play together. It’s the happiest time every time I am with them, because every child loves to play! We most like to play “CASH”, a poker card, because this game needs four players, and we can team up to play. It’s really fun!

I enjoy a lot (being) with my friends. They really let me feel  happier every day, although I’m already happy!

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Team up(v.) 組隊\ work as a team 隊隊分工合作\ Team effort(n.) 團隊努力\ team leader

Team隊 → a team of      e.g. management team, research team, sports team




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