Film / TV show reviews wanted

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8/7 (日) 上課


  • Write us a review, explaining what it is about
  • why you enjoy it
  • and why it encouraged you to learn about science


My favorite science film is “The Crisis Which is 600 meters long.” It is a documentary film of stroke. This documentary film shows the symptoms of stroke and treatments the patients get.

Nowadays, because of the unhealthy diet and late bedtimes(/ Because of bad habits, such as eating battle nuts, drinking alcohol too much and staying up late,), people have high risk of getting stroke. If you get stroke, you might not be able to have one of your arms or legs move. You could be in a vegetative state, too. If it is really serious, it can cause death. Stroke is a common disease all around the world. I also have the DNA with stroke. I probably will get it when I become old, so I need to learn more about the disease and prevent it.

Although stroke is a disease which can cause death, we can prevent it by having a healthy diet and exercising every day. No one wants to have stroke! This is a very interesting film.

(121 words)


  • 可以更聚焦在劇情內容(用1~2句話描述),不只是針對中風做解釋
  • 第三個問題比較沒回答到,想想 Why it encouraged you to learn about science?

→例如  I want to stay healthy and this film not only offers me knowledge but also encourages me to learn medical science.

  • educative (adj.) 有教育性的
  • informative (adj.) 資訊豐富的


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