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For interview



首先,About the competition

心情寫照:Exciting, interesting, not really difficult, nervous

劇場1-To be a humble child: Opponents from other countries are competitive, it’s my honor to represent my country and come here.

劇場2-To show your confidence: It’s wonderful to meet so many talented children from other countries at the same time. I am happy to come here and I am confident to earn the honor for my country.

劇場3- to keep in a low profile: I think the competition will be an unusual experience in my life and I will keep enjoying the pleasure of math. Thank you.

劇場4(just kidding)-To be Irislization: Yeah! I am really happy to come here and be one of the competitors. I have made some foreign friends. We’re going to play together after the competition. (Totally forget the question of the competition…)


第三天的考試是整趟旅途中最刺激的部分。大概是因為緊張的緣故,我感覺那裡的時鐘跑得比台灣的還要快,平常我寫五分鐘的題目,到考場時竟然要花六到七分鐘。還有,因為去年孫老師嚴厲的處罰了 錯第一題的人,因此我將第一題驗算(check  vs. verify)了好幾遍。不僅如此,在寫計算題時,我花了很多時間在想那些明明有背過,一進考場卻完全不記得 了的單字,可見我還需要努力克服臨場的緊張感。

  • Time went faster than I had expected(因為都是在過去,我有用到過去完成式)
  • I spent more time solving/working out解決 a math problem in the competition than usual.
  • Doing math 算數學

再來,第二部分要處理:How do you feel about Thailand? Choose one of your favorite things in Thailand that you can easily think of when being asked to say something. 


  • 注意sour的發音[saʊə]
  • appetite 食慾、appetizing 刺激食慾的、appetizer開胃菜


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