A letter to a friend

Mickey's Writing

Dear Eason,

I just heard that you failed  your second assessment. Don’t be upset, try again next semester.

If you want to get good grades on your assessments, here are some useful tips. First, when you are in school, you should be concentrated and listen to what teachers say. Next, you should review what you have learned in class after you go back home every day. Last but not least, after you finish your assessment, make sure you check your answers at least three times.

(介係詞用法)By following these tips, you can get good grades on your assessment next time!(/祈使句用法Follow these tips, and you will…)

Best wishes, Mickey.

(102 words)



提醒: 轉折語在論說形式的文章(例如討論優缺點)比較常用,寫給朋友的信不須這麼嚴謹。




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