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(credit to Iris Huang)

My favorite season is fall, because fall lets people feel good. I think winter is too cold, and summer is too hot, and spring rains a lot(in spring it rains a lot), but fall is perfect. Fall is between summer and winter, it is not too hot nor too cold. Sometimes you can see beautiful trees with red, orange, brown leaves falling down. When I’m getting married, I will of course choose fall to take the wedding pictures.

And I also like wind, especially when I’m walking. I (will) feel like I’m playing in the sky like a little bird! Now it is still in summer, but it will quickly turn to be fall(/but fall is approaching/ coming soon). Maybe this year because of global warming, fall  will be as hot as summer. However, I still like fall.

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Fall= Autumn秋天

Breeze 微風

Sandstorm 沙塵暴

Sea breeze 海風


Headwind 逆風

Tailwind 順風




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