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Articles wanted for our new page on family life.

Are you an only child or do you have brothers and sisters?
Are you the oldest, the youngest or a middle child?
What are the advantages of being in your place in the family? What are the disadvantages?
Do you wish you had fewer or more siblings? Have you always felt this way?


I am the oldest child in my family. I have a younger sister whose name is Iris. Most of the time, she is a cute and lively(/lovely) girl. She often takes the families’(/the family members’) smart phones and takes selfies, so when we are using our phones, we’ll find the phones full of her selfies.

She likes drawing, so sometimes she’ll draw my favorite animal, monkeys, for me. As her older brother, I get many drawings from my younger sister. Every time she draws something for me, I’ll stick it on the wall of my bedroom, and half of the wall has already been occupied.

However, sometimes she becomes naughty and noisy. She jumps and runs in the house, which usually causes a big mess(/which actually is a disaster). She sings loudly while all the other family members in the house are working hard.

Although my sister has some bad habits, she really brings the family much laughing and happy time. I wish I had more siblings like her, who can make our family more harmonious.

(170 words)


stick (v.) 黏 : to attach (something) to a surface with glue, tape, pins, etc.
tape (v.) 黏 : to attach (something) using sticky tape
–> stick比tape的範圍更廣,stick可以用膠水、膠帶、圖釘等黏貼,tape是用膠帶黏

Mischievous (adj.)= naughty頑皮的

disaster (n.) 災難;destroy(v.)摧毀(結果無法復原)

lie-lie-lie 說謊(口訣: 賴-說謊賴不掉)
lay-laid-laid放下;下蛋 (口訣: 累的-下蛋很累)


情感真摯,但文章內容更像是寫”My Sister”的題目,關於妹妹的陳述較多

Think about: As an older brother, what’s your responsibility? For example, what will you do when your sister gets naughty, or should you take more responsibilities to take care of your younger sis?

Do you feel much pressure from parents as an oldest child in the family? Or what benefits do you think to be the oldest child in the family?




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