Film / TV show reviews wanted

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Film / TV show reviews wanted

Next month is National Science month. In next month’s issue, we want to celebrate films and TV shows that promote science.

Do you know any shows or film which promote science?  Write us a review, (1)explaining what it is about, (2)why you enjoy it and (3)why it encouraged you to learn about science.

The best reviews will be published in our next issue.

I had been watching a show about science on Discovery for about a year. When my friend first saw this show, he thought the main character the host looked like me very much, so he recommended this show to me. After I watched it for the first time, I fell in love with it!

Every time it talks about different science questions from the kids who wrote letters to the host. The show talks about/ discusses/ answers different science questions. In the show, the host not only does experiments, but also invites some scientists to the show and interviews them to answer the kid’s questions. Sometimes they even go outdoors to do the experiment if a bigger area is needed. (if needed)

The show caught my eye / attracted me by its interesting contents. I used to search more about the topic online to learn more if I like the topic of that week. The show improves my science skills, and I think it’s a good show for students who want to learn science.

(157 word)


  • leading character主角、host/ guest 主人客人,電視上稱主持人及來賓
  • resemble(v. ),  resemblance (n.) 相似
    e.g. He strongly resembles his father in appearance and in temperament.
    e.g.He bears resemblance to his father. [=he looks a lot like his father]


  1. 描述節目內容、型態用現在式,就像描述電影情節也是用現在式
  2. 題目提到三個問題,explaining what it is about、why you enjoy it、why it encouraged you to learn about science. 但文章主要解釋what it is about居多,應平衡一下個問題的比例

範文: by Sandy


film and show about science (word)




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