[A2]Olympics Fashion Disaster




Olympics Fashion Disaster


Margret and Alexander are chatting in a cafe.


Margret: I’m so excited about the Olympics! In less than 3 weeks we will see the opening ceremony and all those amazing outfits worn by athletes to represent their nationalities.


Alexander: I can’t wait either. It’s a shame that Taiwanese people don’t really care about the Olympic games. However, people have a lot to say when it comes to Olympic fashion. I heard that the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee took a lot of heat recently for the outfits it designed.


Margret: Oh, yes. People are saying the outfits have terrible colors and that they don’t fit the athletes at all. They feel like the outfit is a slap in the face to our hardworking athletes. They had to work so hard just to be qualified to compete in the games.


Alexander: Well, it happened to my country as well. Back in 2014 during the Sochi Winter Olympics, the outfit of our curling team was strongly criticized for its patterns. It was so embarrassing for Norway because people always think we are one of the most fashionable Olympic teams.


Margret: Trust me, nothing is worse than the outfits of Taiwan’s team. The chairman said that the outfit was designed by Khieng Puong, “the godfather of haute couture” of Taiwan, and the design was supposed to make the athletes feel energetic and youthful. But it turned out to be a disaster.


Alexander: Well, at least the colors are bright and eye-catching.


Margret: You’re such an optimistic person.





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