[B1]寶可夢Here Comes Pokemon Go!


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Here Comes Pokemon Go!

Pokemon Go反成歹徒犯罪工具?


Thanks to smart phone technologies, you can now be a real life Pokemon trainer like Satoshi!Pokemon Go is a new smartphone app that encourages gamers to search local areas to find Pokemons in the real world. The game turns actual locations near you into a virtual reality with Pokemons, pocket monsters, in it. It uses GPS to tell you where to catch little monsters like Pikachu near you, and you can train them to fight each other. The game has taken the world by storm thanks to the popularity of the anime and trading card game in the 1990s. Since then, Pikachu has become an icon of Japanese culture. The app is currently available only in 30 countries. Pokemon fanatics actually crashed the server when it’s launched, and that made the game creators hold off its worldwide release.

拜智慧型手機科技所賜,現在在現實生活中你可以像小智一樣成為神奇寶貝(精靈寶可夢 )訓練師!「精靈寶可夢Go」是個新的智慧型手機應用程式,鼓勵遊戲玩家們搜索本地區域,找尋真實世界中的神奇寶貝。這個遊戲將你附近的真實地點,轉變為有神奇寶貝或口袋怪獸的虛擬實境。遊戲會使用GPS告訴你附近哪裡有皮卡丘等小怪獸可以抓,且你可以訓練這些小怪獸讓他們對打。神奇寶貝動畫與交換卡牌遊戲在90年代的風行,使得這個手機遊戲席捲了整個世界。從那之後,皮卡丘成為日本文化的代表。這個應用程式目前只有在30個國家可取得。神奇寶貝的狂熱者們竟然在應用程式上線時塞爆伺服器,而這使得遊戲製作者暫緩「精靈寶可夢Go」在全世界的發行。

Despite the game’s creative and playful nature, criminals took advantage of the game and turned it into a means of pinpointing their victims. Four people were arrested after using the game to lure players to remote areas and then robbed them at gunpoint. In the US, one Pokestop, a landmark where you can catch monsters, has already been linked to an arrest. A registered sex offender was arrested for playing Pokemon Go with children outside a courthouse.


Apparently the app has made it easier for robbers and sex offenders to target their victims and authorities are attributing the sexual assaults and hate crimes to Pokemon Go. There also have been reports of falling over or similar trivial accidents because gamers were not paying attention to what’s really happening in the real world as they dove straight into the Pokemon’s world.





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