If I could have a…

Iris' writing


Which do you prefer? The only child or with siblings?

Do you wish you were the only child in your family or had siblings? Which one do you prefer? Why? And what are the advantages and disadvantages of your choice?

If I  could have one more sibling , I would like to have a younger sister.

If I had a younger sister, I would not be the oldest kid or the youngest kid in my family. (I would neither be the oldest nor the youngest kid in my family.)

I also have a lot of cousins, and they’re all younger than me.

I like to play with my cousins, but they only come to my home/ we only meet twice a year.

If I had a sister, I could play with her every day!

Even though I have an older brother, sometimes he lies me, cheating me to do something for him. If I had a sister, I could play such tricks to her, too.

And the reason why I don’t want a younger brother is that  I don’t want to have too many boys in my home, but I don’t think my mom will agree with me!


  1. 與現在事實相反假設
  2. 結尾不完整,天外飛出媽媽不同意,但為何?此外,你會想和妹妹做什麼事(除了可以惡整他),多舉些例子,想些情境。



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