Be the only child or have siblings

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Nowadays, many children are the only child in their family. Because of the low income, people in Taiwan don’t bear many children. We should think of other ways to  increase our fertility rate.

I wish I were the only child in our family, because my brother, Eason, is really naughty and noisy. I also  wish my mom could just take care of  me. Being  the only child, I can have all the resources of my family(1).

Being the only child also has some disadvantages. I will feel lonely if  other people don’t play with me. Siblings could also help me if I have any difficulties. I couldn’t  get any help if I were an only child.

I think having some siblings are better than being an only child. Eason could give me some advice when I have difficulties. Having a brother is the right choice colors my life(2)!

(2)有沒有弟弟不是你可以選擇的,故不說right choice


  • 獨生子女: only child (複數為only children,泛指所有獨生子女
  • bear/ give birth to生育          cf.  breed 繁殖
  • income年收入  vs. wage工資(多為藍領階級)  vs.  salary(月薪,白領階級的薪水)
  • fertile (adj.) 土壤肥沃、有生育能力的,fertility rate也可說birth rate


這篇文章的論點不一致,第二段顯然是支持only child,但第四段結尾是有siblings比較好,會讓讀者感到困惑。

另外需注意wish出現時考慮假設語氣,你希望是獨身子(但實際上你不是),應該使用「與現在事實相反」,「退一步」到過去式,注意be V.都會變成were.


to be the only child or to have sibilings(word檔)








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